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Anyone need an album cover?

Well, here's hoping this is allowed. Sorry if it isn't.

It's recently become apparent to me that im basically completly incapable of attaining a real job, and It is getting to cold togo busking so I have been forced to form another game plan.
My name is Jessica, I'm 17, and am in dire need of some source of cash flow.
I am a young artist and I'm looking to be challeneged in an area I've always excelled.

Basically, if any bands out there are willing to give me a shot, I am interested in desiging album covers, show posters, logos, merch designs etc for a small fee.
By small fee I mean I really have no idea what would be fair. Hell I would be happy with an extra ten bucks in my pocket in time for the weekend.
I have a deviantart account but being that it is full of photography it doesnt really do justice to my skills in traditional art.
I'm good at conceptual art, transgressive, tattoo designs and cartoon-like characters. Every now and then I can pull something really abstract and surreal out of my ass.

So, I guess comment if you interested with your email and we'll talk.

Once agian, sorry if this isnt allowed. I'll only post this this one time so if it gets deleted then I'll know.
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Why don't you try painting murals on a large scale, my little sister started this around your age with only her sketch and small scale stuff as experience, unfortunately the winter isn't very active because the cold prevents paint from adhering outdoors and indoor painting requests are scarce but some summer jobs can pay up to $5000 or $10000 depending on the square footage ( a few weeks work). Canwest Global paid even more. She works through,"Take Pride Winnipeg", but I wouldn't advise this as a solid career move, more like something you should look into now while doing something else and maybe do in the summer. Tom Ethans runs this and helped set her up with the paint, renting scaffolding if needed etc. I remember you from winnipeg...
Would this involve volunteering with take pride winnipeg? Do they have art programs?
No, it's different from volunteering, it's part of the Take Pride beautification of winnipeg projects, when a business is either approached about having a mural done or graffiti removed from their exterior, take pride will subsidize part of the honorarium the artist is paid for their square footage of work, such as $7/square foot, a 300 sq, ft. wall would pay $2100 minus the cost of paint, maybe $200, etc. etc. I don't know if they have art programs or if you mean "art courses" by that?
How would I go about getting involved with that, who would I speak to? numbers/emails?
Hmm..."Take Pride", "Tom Ethans", phonebook/internet-if you haven't done so already. Good luck with that Jessica.^-^